When you start looking for beach party ideas, you quickly realize that Laguna beach is one of the best picnic spots. Laguna Beach is famous for picnics, birthday parties, date nights, and also for wedding events. Whenever you think about a picnic party on the beach, you always prefer games that take place on the water and that take place on land. So, you may consider setting the game up according to whether it is wet or dry play.

Playing land games

Most of the celebrations hosting beach parties are held near the water. While your guests may get wet from the splashing seawater, most games are played on the beach, not in the water. Some great beach party ideas for games are traditional games of beach volleyball, frisbee, or coconut bowling. 

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Water Games 

Water features at theme beach parties are always perfect. If you are looking for laguna beach party ideas for games played in the water, you can always adopt some land games to play in the water. Some ideas are:

1. Organizing a relay game using bottles. Participants run to the beach and pass the bottle to the next runner, as in a normal relay race. The team that reaches the shore first wins the game. Children can play, but it is best to place them at the end of the row so they don't get too tired.

2. Every beach party must include a water balloon race. Form two teams and ask the players to fill an empty balloon with water and keep it on land. The team that keeps the most balloons on earth during a certain period of time wins the game.