There are many accessories to purchase alongside the flash, among them is the softbox. Softboxes vary from small caps that fit over the head of the flash to larger ones that emit the soft light and help spread the flash further. They are ideal for any situation, but especially for portraits. You can also click this link to get softbox lighting accessories.

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Another helpful accessory to use alongside the flash is a cable. The cable offers more flexibility when using the flash and will differ in length. They can be very helpful for lighting up and when it is necessary to be placed away from the camera.

Other Flash Units:

Macro Flash:

The macro flash is, as the name implies it is the perfect accessory for your SLR to use with the macro lens. They’re specially designed to be affixed to the lens’s front and are mounted in a ring or twin light arrangement.

They are used to take off all shadows that are visible on the subject, something which has been a problem for a long time when it comes to macro photography. Flashes that are macro create light using a 360-degree burst that creates uniform light on the subject.

Ring Flash:

The ring flash has a similar design as the macro model but on a larger size. They are utilized in portrait and fashion photography due to their distinctive lighting effect.