If we experience a headache We don't think about it because we are aware that a peaceful night's rest will help and that it will disappear when the period of stress is over. But, if the headache persists or we experience something completely different from the usual cluster headache treatment that is more severe, it's the time we start to worry. 

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Most people suffer from the headaches described above in the first two categories.

  • Tension Headaches:- Tension headaches typically occur on the opposite part of the skull, and the pain is usually a burning pain. In some instances, people who suffer from tension headaches are sensitive to light or may feel like vomiting.

  • Migraines:- Migraines are a type of headaches that you would not think of wishing on your adversaries. Migraines can cause people to be immobile for a period of days, or even for weeks. 

  • Cluster Headaches:- Similar to migraines, cluster headaches are also extremely painful. Like the name implies they occur in groups. The pain is temporary after which, just as you believe that you've beaten the initial attack, another wave hits. 

Although headaches are not uncommon and usually don't need a visit to a doctor's clinic, you may require medical attention in the event that your headache is different than those you normally experience, especially when the pain is extreme and intense, or if the headache continues for days with no improvements, or have difficulty completing your day-to-day routine.