You must hire a real estate attorney to help you with any legal issues that may arise when you sell your property. Buyers can appoint their own lawyers, so ensure that you have strengthened your legal position by hiring a skilled real estate lawyer.

You should review the profile of the lawyer for quality services, including his case history, credentials, and profile of his law firm. Online real estate lawyers are a better way to find the best one than searching in your local area. 

Websites of law firms and individual lawyers make it easy to check the track records and credentials.

While there isn't a specific job or function for a lawyer who handles legal issues during the sale of property, they usually do the following tasks:

1. He/She will review and draft sales contracts

2. Check that title and all documents relating to the property are included in the sale

3. Re-calculate the transaction and revise mortgage information to make sure they are correct

4. Revise property tax bills

Be prepared for some payments when you close a property deal. These payments should be handled by a real estate lawyer, which includes real estate attorney fees. A portion of your profit must be set aside for insurance, taxes, assessments, escrow fees or charges for title insurance, inspection fee, and other expenses. You may be charged commissions and transaction fees by your real estate lawyer.