A seawall is a coastal defense system that runs parallel to the coast. The sea wall protects the shore from erosion. It is also used to protect areas of human settlement and leisure activities from the harmful effects of waves, tides, and tsunamis action.

Sea walls can be made of a variety of materials and have a very variable physical design. They can be either vertical or sloping. They are useful in areas where erosion could be severe. If you also reside beside a sea coast, then you must refer to http://coastseawall.com/ for the best residential seawall construction services.

Various types of sea walls may include monolithic concrete barriers, brick or block walls, rubble mound structures, or steel sheet pile walls. These permanent structures are expensive to design and are highly engineered. The sea walls require a good design and supervision during construction.

Sea walls protect the shoreline from erosion due to waves. Therefore, it is important that the structure can withstand strong waves. Wall performance is also affected by the design and texture of the walls. The smooth surface reflects wave energy while irregular surfaces disperse it.

Seawalls need to have a strong foundation in order to be stable. Earth anchors are usually buried deep in the ground and connected to the wall by rods to relieve pressure from the landward.