In our modern technological world, the Internet has opened new doors for those with a creative bent. Authors who desire to see their works published have especially found this to be true. It has provided them with choices and new routes to travel on their road to publication.

Now they have the option available to them of publishing their work themselves. In the early days of self publishing, this option was frowned upon by most in the publishing world, as well as . those who are the buyers, readers and reviewers of these books. People tended to think there had to be a flaw in any work that was self published.


That thinking has fallen by the wayside as more and more self published books are garnering praise and winning awards. Nowadays, self published books are getting the respect they so often deserve. I add the "so often" caveat because, while there are some excellent self published works out there today, there is still a lot of junk as well.

So in a discussion of whether self publishing is good or bad, the quality of the work must be taken into consideration. If you are thinking about self publishing your book, there are several things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, do not junk up the Internet with a poorly written, mediocre product. If you want to be taken seriously as an author, make sure you fully understand the proper rules of grammar and punctuation, and then use that knowledge.

Proofread your work; then proofread it again, Do NOT rely solely on Spellcheck for your proofreading. You would be wise also to spend the extra money it costs to have a professional editor look over your book before publishing it.

If you want your book to stand out in a crowd of other traditional and self published books, you are going to have to have a platform and promote your book to make it visible to the reading public. Read up on marketing and get started on that even before your book is published.

All of this is a lot of hard work, but if you want a successful writing career hard work is a must.

Traditional publishing may take longer and much patience as well as a tough skin are required as you face all those rejection emails. But it has a lot of plusses in its favor also. So when considering whether self publishing is good or bad, one must consider the alternative as well. It is hard to break through the barriers to get your book in the right hands when going the traditional route, but the feeling once you have been accepted is well worth the trouble.

So, no. Self publishing is not a bad route to go, but neither is traditional publishing. Each author must decide for themselves which is best for them. Each has its pros and cons and you must weight those against your individual strengths and weaknesses to determine which publishing method is right for you.