The former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek is running for the position of governor.

The 59-year old announced his candidacy on Tuesday via an online campaign website and a video. In the video, the candidate touts his law enforcement experience while highlighting the safety of the public as his top priority. Continue reading to know sheriff Rich Stanek.

rich stanek for sheriff

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"I was a police officer on the street as well as a sheriff," Stanek says in the almost two-minute video. "But regardless of the uniform, I wear my mission was always the same. Respect the law, defend the people around me."

Stanek was sheriff of the largest county in Minnesota from 2007 until the year 2019. He was defeated by the current Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.

Before this, he served for 20 years in the position of Minneapolis Police officer. In that time, he was a state legislator and served around 15 months as the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

He was fired from his previous post after he was accused of shouting racist slurs at a Liberian man in the course of his duties as an officer of the police back in the year 1989. MinnPost reports previously and in a deposition, Stanek admitted to having made racist jokes with officers.

MinnPost has noted that the man was also scrutinized over claims he made regarding the reaction in the aftermath of the I-35W bridge collapse and for deploying Hennepin County law enforcement officers to North Dakota during protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline.