Buying gifts for others can be difficult, even if the recipients of the gifts are close friends or family members. In fact, the desire to impress dear beings can sometimes make the task even more stressful. People who know each other well are expected to be able to choose perfect gifts for each other, but other facets of their personalities might provide more obstacles. If the recipient is a minimalist, he or she might not appreciate a gift that serves no useful purpose but to take up space on a shelf.

An environmentally-conscious person would not want others to buy him gifts that were not manufactured out of natural materials. Some people are very picky about clothes and do not want others to shop for them. All such factors must be taken into consideration when brainstorming the best gift ideas.

A good gift must not be surprising or imaginative. Men and women will always appreciate the reception of new bottles of their favorite perfumes. The perfume is a classic gift for a special occasion and will eventually be used, even if the recipient does not need a new bottle yet. 

Coffee drinkers can receive a selection of gastronomic and exotic mixtures. The favorite wine bottles make good gifts if the mark is reasonable. Many wine or beer tastings are less than fifty dollars to attend a ticket for such an event an exciting gift for a person who loves drinks but has never been enjoyed before.