Used cars can be a great investment, there are some pitfalls that buyers need to be aware of. A potential buyer must be aware of the issues that need to be addressed when selling a vehicle.

Finally, it is important to know when to walk away from any deal that appears suspicious. Let's look at the above points to give the buyer a complete understanding of what to expect when buying used cars for money.

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The Shady Salesman

Nearly every state has laws governing the number of vehicles that an unlicensed dealer may sell at any one time. There are many disreputable salesmen who operate in abandoned parking lots or on the streets. 

These unscrupulous dealers are called curbstoners. These dealers will promise you amazing deals but will likely sell you cars with major problems that will ultimately end up costing you more. 

What to look for

When looking at pre-owned models, there are many other things you should consider, including hidden rust, flood damage, mileage, and the year of manufacture. Rust can hide under vehicles that have a lot of metal. 

You can also see rust around the doors if it becomes a problem. Automobiles that have a lot of rust will be more susceptible to rust damage. 

For a second opinion about the vehicle's overall health, it is advisable to take any vehicle that you are considering purchasing to an independent mechanic. They will see signs of rust that you may not be able to notice with your eyes.