A unique jewelry bail can make all the difference in the look of your finished project. You can create bails from connectors by folding them over a mandrel forming a rounded ring to hang your pendants from. 

You can also use one link of a decorative chain. Any unsoldered larger link chain which has the right size and shape links can be used as jewelry bails.

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Mixing natural gemstone beads and cabochons with vintage glass beads and oxidized findings lends importance to your art. The colors are rich and the markings are always interesting. The stones are very earthy and flattering to your face. Look for natural, not dyed stones and pendants, since the dye will change and fade over time.

Small groups of beads on short pins joined by jump rings will allow for fluid strand movement. When you use one long eye pin or opt not to use jump rings you can count on crimps and odd angles. Use double jump rings with bolder pendants and chains. 

It allows for more balance and harmony when all the elements are of the same weight. Repeat certain elements of your design throughout the piece to help tie everything together. Layered bead caps are much more interesting and unique than using just one.

Having the right amount of these items makes projects go more smoothly and work can be finished quicker. Without these findings, jewelry would just be separate components and not the completed work. 

You could not finish a necklace without some sort of bail. The same holds true with other jewelry items. They make the entire jewelry piece fit together well, look well finished and add character to the piece of jewelry such as brooches and buttons for example.