There are many factors to consider when selecting the right golf course for your game. Here are three tips to help you find the perfect golf course for you.

1. Location is key – The best golf courses in wisconsin are located in scenic areas with plenty of green space and challenging obstacles. Look for courses that are close to major cities or suburbs, but still offer plenty of privacy.

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2. Course layout – Consider the type of terrain your course offers. A links-style course will have a lot of elevation changes and water hazards, while a more traditional layout will have less elevation changes and fewer water hazards. You may also want to consider a course with a variety of holes, such as long holes with tight fairways, short holes with wide open spaces, and doglegs.

3. Tournament options – Some golf courses offer championship-level tournaments year-round, while others may have specific tournaments during peak season (e.g., Memorial Day weekend). Check out the tournament schedule before making your reservation to ensure you’re getting the best value for your dollars.

4. Course conditions and level of play – For the same price, you may get a course that is a little better maintained or has more challenging holes, but in lower season you may have to share the resort’s facilities with a larger number of families (which may not be as desirable for some travelers).

5. Other features – A few resort resorts offer additional amenities beyond exceptional golf courses, including spa treatments, fitness centers, restaurants and bars, swimming pools and recreation areas.

6. Prices – You can save money by booking online directly through the resort website or by contacting their reservations department directly. Most resort golf packages include breakfast and dinner at the on-site restaurant (or another on-site restaurant).