HR professionals are often the first line of defense when discrimination occurs in the workplace. Discrimination can take many different forms, from intentional mistreatment to unintentional communication that makes an employee feel uncomfortable. 

Here are some tips for spotting and handling discrimination in the workplace:

  • . Be aware of your own biases. If you have any personal biases, be sure to keep them out of your professional interactions. Don’t give preferential treatment to friends or family members, and don’t treat employees differently based on their race, ethnicity, gender, age, or religion. It is important to get more info about dispute resolution services before hiring them.

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  • Be honest and open with employees about discrimination. If you think someone has experienced discrimination at work, be honest about what happened and offer support. Let employees know that they can tell you if they experience any other type of discrimination at work – regardless of whether they feel comfortable doing so.

  • Create a harassment prevention policy. Make it clear that harassment is not tolerated in the workplace, and create a policy outlining what constitutes harassment and how to report it. This will help prevent incidents from happening in the first place and help employees know what to do if they experience harassment.

  • Encourage open communication among team members. Offer feedback on past and present performance as often as you can, and ask for feedback from employees. Encourage employees to submit suggestions for improving the workplace environment.

Model your own behaviors so that employees know how to treat each other in the workplace. Take steps to ensure that the harassment policies are being followed at all times by everyone on your team, regardless of rank or position in the company.

Make sure that there is a reliable complaint management system in place at work, such as an HR department or a complaint hotline number, or if you don't have one in place yet, start creating one now so that it is ready when the time comes to deal with a report of discrimination or harassment.