We've put up this list of the most crucial home security recommendations for you to protect your kids. If you want to get professional guidance you can look for it at The Lodge Intelligence Centre.

10 Safety Measures At Home You Should Teach Your Kids - StaySafe.org

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However, for now, please go through this list with your children and make sure they understand all of the safety precautions:- 

1) Do not let strangers inside your home. Strangers at home are subject to the same regulation as strangers on the street: "Do not talk to strangers"! Explain to your children that though the home is a secure place, it is only safe when your family takes measures such as avoiding opening doors to strangers.

2) Teach your children that evil individuals can impersonate tradespeople, delivery persons, or even individuals in trouble. It's ok if you don't open the door. Explain that these individuals may always seek assistance next door or return later to perform a delivery or service task.

3) Install door viewers at eye level for your youngsters. Door watchers are frequently positioned excessively high, with little consideration for youngsters, rendering them ineffective. Don't be concerned about the appearance of a lower-level door viewer; replacing the door afterwards is a modest price to pay for your children's protection.

4) Make sure your children don't gloat about your family's new purchases: whether it's a new television, CD player, or DVD player, a thief may have overheard the chat. An unexpected visitor at the door is the last thing your children need.