The first question you can ask is “What is a grant application?” Simply put, a grant application is similar to a job application. This is an attempt to introduce yourself to someone who could potentially offer you money in a positive way.

A very useful option open to giving to authors is the "General Grant Application". What's that? That's how it goes – an application for funding, as usual for a group of sponsors. It is usually available for download online and used to apply to multiple grantees in small groups. A very common application for general grants is the one each country uses when applying for funding.

You can opt for grant applications for nonprofits at

This app comes with a page or two of instructions which can be overwhelming for someone new to the world of scholarship writing. If you can read the prompts and follow them to the letter, writing a grant application will be very easy.

Funding application general design:

1. Motivation letter

2. Title of a grant application

3. Summary

4. story

5. Many additional attachments

For someone familiar with the application process, the General Attachments are not much different from the regular layout. For someone who doesn't know, it gives you precise guidelines, which is especially useful when you're not sure you're doing everything right.

There are guidelines for each part of the application and it is very important that you follow these guidelines and provide all that is required because it can mean whether you receive a scholarship or not.