To discover an excellent family attorney there are few better ways than by word of mouth. Most attorneys that are reliable and have been well established in the community are usually ones that will be recommended to you by someone. 

These recommendations are invaluable as an insight into how an attorney treats his/her clients. If this is not possible, then searching on the internet may just be the best way to go. You can search for a professional family attorney online via

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Search first the term accompanied by the state you hope to use the attorney in. There are often complex legal issues surrounding jurisdictions about where and when to file. But starting off with a local attorney will point you in the right direction.

Simply ensure that you find an attorney that specifically deals in matters of family law. An attorney that does not deal in these matters, regularly either may not be qualified to do the job or will simply just not do it all.

Attorneys are trained to attempt to meet a happy medium for clients. Attorneys will only go to court as an absolute last measurement. The courts then are designed to reach what it sees as a fair judgment that will probably not be acceptable to either party but will be legally enforceable. 

If you expect to go to court, make sure the attorney is well known in the area you are searching. Attorneys that have an excellent professional repertoire with the legal community will gain major points towards winning your case with a judge.