Tunnel communication systems are part of a tunnel electrical system. This communication system enables workers to travel underground in a constrained location with the confidence that they will be able to communicate clearly and reliably across all frequencies and technologies. A leaky feeder network, also known as a radiating cable, is a reliable solution for clear voice communication.

We are well aware of the importance of communication systems and the need to quickly get data back to the right place. Not to mention the need to have effective emergency response systems underground. You can also get more information about tunnel communication via https://www.nltdigital.com/.

tunnel communication


Your business can benefit from tunnel communications that provide accurate and real-time information. These benefits include:

  • Safety of staff has been improved
  • Effective emergency systems
  • Instant data transfer for decision making on the spot
  • Workforce efficiency
  • Accurate real-time data logging
  • Radio coverage in extreme conditions is improved and expanded at all times
  • Radio users can transmit an emergency alarm with perfect reception in all areas.

We can work with many suppliers and products to create the system that you require. Simply arrange a site survey with one our specialists and then consult with our partners and designers to create the best solution for you.