Many people put off routine dental checks due to fear of dentists or the idea of all the equipment found at the clinic. Oral Screening For Mouth Cancer is a must if you are suffering from any oral disease. It is important to understand what happens during an oral screening exam.

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What you can expect during the process

It is very painless. The screening can be performed during routine dental visits so that you don't have to go to a specialist if you suspect you might have oral cancer.

The dentist will perform a visual exam of your mouth during screening to determine if there are any white patches or red spots on your tongue, cheeks, or bumps on your tongue. To check for lumps or other abnormalities, the dentist will use gloved hands to feel your mouth with gloves.


You should be aware of the signs that may indicate something more serious. These include red or white spots on the cheeks, tonsils, tongue, or cheeks, as well as lumps on the tongue or cheeks.

The Importance Of Regular Screening

As with many diseases, the earlier the cancer is detected, the greater the chance that its cure will be possible. Regular screenings are more likely to detect abnormalities in the early stages of the disease.

Regular screening is important for everyone, but it is especially important for those who smoke heavily, drink a lot of alcohol, or have been diagnosed with oral cancer in the past.