The engineering formwork consists of prefabricated modules with metal frames. It is different from the traditional formwork structures made at the construction site. It is usually made of steel or aluminum.


If you want to save money on formwork, then using a prefabricated shuttering system is the best choice. You will find that there are many options in the market. There are many shapes, sizes, and configurations of prefabricated slab formwork and you can choose one depending on your project.

Here is a brief overview of the various properties of engineering formwork.

1) Hardness and durability

Engineering formwork is the toughest and most durable one in the market. Changes in the environment or temperature have no effect on this. The performance will be the same in every state. Therefore, it ensures that it stays in place while you pour the concrete.

2) Maximum efficiency

Engineering formwork has maximum efficiency and speeds up construction. If you buy it in the market, you can use it as soon as it arrives in the project area. Therefore no time will be wasted.

3) Safe

Engineered formwork usually comes with built-in safety features and hence there are minimum injuries. Therefore, workers love to work with engineered formwork whether it is new or old.

Conventional formworks are more labor-intensive and are best for small projects. In contrast, engineered formwork can be easily set up and suited best for larger projects.