Cigars are now as well-known in the same way as wine tasting. Cigar clubs were set up quickly. A growing number of restaurants have menus for cigars. Everybody likes cigars, regardless of whether they are smoking one dollar or a seventy-dollar quantity of cigars. 

There are a variety of cigars. However, the best cigar presents are all made up of two fundamental elements that give them their flavor and smoke characteristic. 

The first is the wrapper. The second is the style of the cigar. Wrappers They are usually classified according to their color.

Candela – also called the American Market Selection, is mildly green and lightweight in color Claro Light yellowish or tan.

Colorado Claro – light brown, also called English Market Selection, Colorado Reddish brown

Maduro – from brown to nearly black (also known as Spanish Market Selection)

Oscuro – black, which can have an oily appearance

Cigars are generally classified in terms of size and form that together are referred to as vitola. The most popular shape for cigars is the parejo, which is made up of an elongated body and the cap is round. The pareos are made up of these vitolas (from the shortest from shortest to the longest), Robusto also known as Rothschild.

A Double Corona cigar that is shaped according to its shape is referred to as the figurados. Figurados are cigars that have irregular shapes and are often regarded as having higher quality because it is more challenging to manufacture.