The process of affiliate marketing includes the use of affiliate networks and programs in marketing other products or websites while getting some compensation in return.

More and more people are now using this as another means of getting extra income. However, there are still others who still have no clue about this, especially about networking. Nowadays, there are many affiliate marketing platforms available online.

Affiliate networks, in a nutshell, act as a mediator between two or more affiliates and affiliate programs. Another definition is that they are a network of several affiliated merchandises from several businesses or companies on different categories or niches.

They are usually offered to a group of affiliate marketers for promotional purposes with the use of a program and tracking software. Since not every individual company can handle or run an affiliate program, networks are then used in the promotion of their products.

While some use affiliate programs because of higher commissions and easy-to-use features, others would still prefer the use of affiliate networks.

They usually take care of the usual problems dealt with affiliate programs, such as inaccurate tracking, late or no payments, and even dead links or ads.

They also help people in concentrating more effort in generating more traffic than in maintaining one or more affiliate programs. They also provide various online tools that can help affiliate marketers optimize their web performance, as well as access to several hundred affiliate programs in one handy location.