If you live in an area where the smell of gas is a problem, mercaptan removal may be worth your time and money. Mercaptans are a type of chemical added to natural gas to make it smell like petroleum. They're also used to protect the gas from being attacked by bacteria. H2S(Zero)s products can remove these contaminants for longer periods of time and at a lower cost.

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Mercaptans are common in areas with large oil refineries and other industrial facilities. They're also found in some homes that use natural gas as their primary heating source. In some cases, the smell of mercaptans can be overpowering.

If you live in an area with a problem with mercaptan smell, there are a few things you can do to prevent or fix the problem. You can try installing an air purifier or air freshener designed to remove odors. You can also try using a gas stove or oven that doesn't contain mercaptans.

If you find that your mercaptan problem is too big for one of these solutions to work, you may want to consider removing the mercaptans yourself. This could be a huge investment, but it may be worth it if the smell of gas is really getting on your nerves. To remove the mercaptans, you will need to have the right equipment available. 

You will need a special tank designed specifically for removing mercaptans and some high-pressure vent piping. If you are unsure where to find these tools, here are a few options:If you aren't sure which option is best for you, it's always smart to check with your local gas company or plumber. He or she may be able to recommend the best path for removing mercaptans from your house so that you don't end up spending an exorbitant amount of money on DIY supplies.