Are you planning to travel this summer? Thinking to go to a place where the original language is not English? So, you have learned basic words like “yes”, “no”, “food” and “toilet”. But do you consider learning actual words much more important, such as “help”, “hospital” or “first aid”?

It should not be surprising that you must be prepared in first aid and educate yourself and your family by helping if an accident or emergency occurs. For this, joining the first aid course in Warnambool is very important. You can pursue your first aid course in Warnambool via


Usually, all public facilities have an exit sign that represents the nearest emergency location. This can be used if a fire or accident occurs. This sign is not difficult to recognize as in Australia, all of them have green lighting.

Hospital road sign

The hospital signs are predominantly located on the side of the road and usually, depict a blue coloured sign. They can also be seen on motorway exits and other directional streets.

First aid

Internationally a white cross on a green background is considered to be a sign of first aid. If you do come across this sign, you can rest assure that you will be able to find people, facility and tools to aid you. This will allow you to provide care for yourself or your family in case of any sudden illness or serious injury. There is no doubt that first aid is imperative to prevent a condition from worsening.