Building construction also requires effective coordination between mechanical trading (HVAC), electricity, and piping. The "mechanical electrical installation" system is an essential and necessary part of any building. Before preparing for a building MEP system project, it should be checked whether the specific design of the building and the space available in the building could later create conflicts for MEP members or between architecture, structure, and mechanical electrical installations.

Benefits Of Using CAD To Prepare For MEP Projects:

Generally, MEP designs are made using CAD software. Paper design practice has almost declined. Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, offers a number of features that make the design and drawing process relatively easier than the paper MEP design process. The advanced capabilities of CAD software enable professionals to create high-quality and efficient MEP drawings with greater accuracy. It is not possible to achieve a high level of precision in the design of the handmade Mechanical Electrical Piping system.

Model your mep project in revit, autocad mep by Pesicn

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As technology advances, CAD software is improved every day, making it easier for professionals to create more efficient designs. With CAD, professionals can create digital designs that are very easy to maintain, and professionals can change those designs at any time.

Once an MEP CAD project has been created, these projects can be saved in a CAD software database and used by professionals in any project at any time. CAD design files can also be shared from one system to another. The main benefit of using CAD in creating MEP designs is that it allows the user to take a closer look at every part of the design, increasing the percentage at a scale level that is not possible when drawing on paper.