Teeth can be damaged at any moment. Accidents, sports, and a lack of oral hygiene can all cause damage to your teeth. If not caught early, they will be irreparable. Knowing the signs and symptoms of tooth damage, how to spot it, and how you can prevent, will help you maintain your oral hygiene and save you money over the long-term.

What is a Root Canal?

The crown and root are the basic components of each tooth. The crown is visible above the gum line. It is visible when you smile or open your mouth. Your tooth’s root lies below your gum line. It contains your nerves. The pulp is the soft tissue that surrounds each root. 

It provides nourishment for your tooth's health. A root canal is an operation that can be done to protect the tooth from further damage if the pulp or root becomes infected. During a the procedure, the root and pulp of the tooth are removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned out, and then it is sealed for protection.

What is the First Damage to the Tooth?

Our teeth can be damaged by many things every day. The health of your teeth can be affected by repeated dental procedures, broken or chipped teeth, trauma to the mouth, and most importantly, tooth decay. Infection can develop when a tooth is damaged or decayed.