The world has gone through 50 years of a do-it-yourself culture where most people redesign, improve and decorate their own homes in their spare time. This cycle ended for several important reasons, and this downfall gave birth to some amazing and exciting opportunities for those interested in interior design. A Traux design center can also help you in finding the best interior designers.

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During home improvement days, people like to spend their free time repairing houses and are happy to show their efforts to all visitors. There are too many distractions and alternatives these days that are far more appealing to the current generation of owners – who prefer spending quality time with their friends doing more enjoyable activities.

In addition, adults in most families bring home more disposable income than ever before and now prefer to hire an interior designer rather than spend hours doing it themselves. The plethora of glossy magazines now available every month include thousands of pages of color photos of beautiful homes, all with rooms designed by an interior designer. These magazines make you want a room like this on your own four walls.

Only an interior designer can fulfill this growing desire for a beautiful home.

Dealers like painters, decorators, and carpenters had nothing to do with interior design people for years and mocked their customers not to waste money on it. Today it's a completely different story, as retailers already assume that a home designed by an interior designer is far better than anything he can offer. In addition, the merchant often earns much greater profits by working as an interior designer than when he works directly for clients.

Because the interior designer will quote the entire work: from the basic design to the delivery of all materials to the completion of the actual renovation. It can even include the delivery of carpets, curtains, rugs, furniture, paintings, and ornaments. The cost for a decorator who also paints paper may be only a fraction of the total cost and often includes a 15 to 20% profit margin for the interior designer.